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World Cup is the moment people from all over the world are paying attention to the host nation. We want to seize this unique opportunity to talk about an extremely relevant scenario, that doesn’t receive enough attention: the intolerance and oppression against the LGBT+ community.

One of our main goals is that the media covering World Cup can discuss the Russian problem, fostering dialogue about tolerance and respect to the LGBT+ community in Russia, in future host cities of major sporting events and the whole world.

About Russia 🐻😵🌈

The host country of 2018 World Cup, unfortunately, lives a scenario of extreme intolerance and the consequences are little-known for the rest of the world. Homophoby is so present in the daily life of people, on media and even in laws created by the government.
Check out some news and reports about the prejudice lived daily by members of the nation’s LGBT+ community:


We want to disseminate, through media, discussions that foster the respect and tolerance in favor of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestite, transsexuals and transgender. Our goal is to spread this message not only in Russia, but all over the world. Check out some news about the Rainbow Cup movement published by the press:


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